Simple Steps Will Make Your Artificial Christmas tree Clean and Adorable for Next Season

To make Christmas memorable, the Christmas tree should be green and fully decorated with gifts, ornaments and other adornments. Once the Christmas season is over, the artificial Christmas tree should be cleaned thoroughly, so that it is free from dirt and other particles and safely stored. This will make it reusable for the next season and look completely new. If things are planned in the beginning for its storage, it will not only extend the life of your artificial Christmas tree, but will save time later on.

The following are a few simple steps to clean them and make good for storage. 

Removing Decorations:

The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, baubles, gifts, ornaments and adornments. It is an absolutely treasure to view and have mesmerizing feeling. When the Christmas is over, all such things should be removed safely and packed in their individual boxes categorically. You have to recheck every branch and see to it that nothing is left behind on the tree.

Gentle Cleaning:

The next step is to clean the tree and make it free from dust, debris and minor particles stuck on it. You should use electrostatic duster or microfiber cloth so that it does not damage the tree. If required, you should use damp cloth or mixture of warm water and soap to remove stains or sticky residue on the tree.

Separate the sections:

When the cleaning is done, you will have to dissemble so that storing is in manageable size. In general the tree can be separated from the top and bottom. Hence, you should check and do it accordingly. The branches should be folded starting from the top section and placed in symmetrical direction.

Secondly, the branches should be wrapped gently, so that it does not warp and damage permanently because of abrupt or rough movements.

Storage Boxes:

When the sections are separated, now the time is to properly store it in the boxes. If you find the original boxes to be clumsy, you can shop for the modern boxes available in the market. These boxes are specially designed to maintain the tree free from dust and moisture for the rest of the year. However, you should take care that the empty spaces inside the box is either filled with crumpled garbage bags or sheet plastic to keep them intact.

Storing Place:

Besides proper storage, you should take care of the storing place. You should not store it under the bed or in places of daily use where it is affected by routine dirt and debris. The storage should be placed away from moisture and dampness where the storage box might get damaged.

Thus, you should take every precaution while storing it so that it looks beautiful each time you use it and makes your Christmas memorable. Just a few simple steps of planning at the initial stage will save your artificial Christmas tree.

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