Providing a Great Place for Your Dog to Have Her Puppies

The birth of your new puppies can be an amazing occasion. There is nothing like watching your mommy dog have her new litter. Everyone in the household is excited by this event, especially your own little ones. To see those little, helpless new dogs scurrying about after they are born is one of the cutest sites that anyone can find. It truly is an amazing part of nature.

Of course, the birthing process is not as pleasant for homeowners. This can be a very messy endeavor, and can cause some damage to carpeting and other areas of your home. This is why you would really like an alternative that affords your mommy dog the opportunity to have her puppies in a safe place, while you keep your house as new as possible. The disposable whelping box is the perfect option.

These boxes provide three sides that enclose in the puppies making it difficult for them to get out of the box. This gives the mother a great deal more security knowing that the puppies will have a more secure area to be born in.

This is where Petnap can really help out. You can find cheap whelping boxes which will really help in making sure that you provide a great place for your dog to have her babies. These whelping boxes are a great location for the dog. They are comfortable and secure and can fit into many locations so that you can allow the dog to have the puppies in an out-of-the-way space she will not be upset by constant contact with human beings.

Dogs can be rather flighty and easily agitated when lots of people are around. You could eliminate this concern for your dog by providing a location where the dog can go and have her puppies and feel like no one will disturb her.

Best of all, after the puppies have been born and are mature enough to be on their own, you simply tear down this box and throw it away. You no longer have to worry about damage to your home, such as the dog’s fluids on your carpet. This box resolved that issue for you it makes cleanup and absolute snap. It is most definitely the best option.

You want to give your dog a great place to have her puppies while also protecting your home. Use of whelping boxes will do both of these things for you.

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