Know The Facts About Log Spillers And Buy Them As Per Need

The most efficient way to cut big logs of tree trunks is by using the log splitter. A log splitter is a mechanical machine which cuts logs into many small pieces. But the best log splitter completely depends upon your needs. There are some electric log splitters, gas log splitters and many other splitters that are being used by many people. Cutting the logs by an axe requires a lot of human effort and it is also a very time consuming process. So, you can look for the latest models of log splitters over the internet. If you want some more tips on the log splitters, you can consider the following features for your understanding.


Flywheel or hydraulics technology: The most popular types of splitters that are being used these days are hydraulics and flywheel technology. The hydraulics based log splitters work on the principles of hydraulics. Hydraulic splitters use hydraulic pumps and valves to cut the logs into small pieces. This process is slow but effective, whereas flywheel log splitter uses high power electric motor to cut wooden logs. The machine stores the energy and releases it when the user wants to release the energy. The stored energy is then used for cutting wood. Flywheel splitter cuts the logs at very high speed. The choice of the splitter completely depends upon the usage of the user.

Power source: Every log splitter works on some power source. They use some kind of energy to work efficiently. Manual log splitters are the cheapest when it comes to the price tag, but they are also the slowest as they require human effort to operate. There are some models which include manual hydraulics. If you are looking forward to wrap your work quickly and efficiently, then you may feel the need of an automatic motor based machine. Gas splitter machine generates the maximum power when it comes to cutting the logs, but these gas splitters make much noise when operated. Gas splitters are also considered as the most expensive splitters that are used to cut wooden logs.

Splitting power: Splitting power is also an important feature to consider. Each log splitter machine has its own splitting power. The splitting power is measured in tons. Manuel splitter generates 2 to 3 tons of splitting power, whereas electric splitters are capable of producing about 10 tons of splitting power. Gas splitters are the main power generator that provides the users with 30 tons of splitting power.

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