Is A Glass Aquarium Better Than Acrylic Ones?

Aquarium is the best place, which allows the small fishes to live and play happily with some other organism. You perhaps want to equip the aquarium with all the accessories that make the system perfectly suitable habitat. However, the aquarium that you have bought should be durable and functional. Of course, the materials, used for creating the aquarium, are one of the important factors to be considered by you. Some of the aquariums are made of acrylic, while others are manufactured with glass. Both of these stuffs have different features, which are now evaluated at Come Into the Water.

Durability and scratching issues of aquarium

Acrylic is considered as one of the acceptable options as it’s lightweight and allows the manufacturer to make the system easily. Most of the manufacturers, who make custom aquariums, choose acrylic. With very affordable tools, these custom fish tanks may be created. However, this ultimate product may not be much durable because acrylic may be compared to plastic. Thus, you have to use such scrubbers, which are friendly to acrylic. Or else, blemishes may be created on your expensive aquarium. On the other hand, glass-made aquariums may also have the possibility to get scratched. But this has some resistance in order to prevent scratches.

Clarity and transparency of aquariums

Clarity may differ significantly on the basis of specific brand, and you know that clarity level is always essential to increase the visual appeal of your aquarium. Besides, as acrylic ones are much flexible, they may distort in the mid section of panel, no matter whether the panel is thick. A slight distortion is caused only because of the light, distracted from water; however, this phenomenon is common for almost all the aquariums. The glass-made aquarium, which is extremely clear, has a very low amount of iron.

Brittleness of the structure of fish tanks-

Acrylic aquarium is not able to endure Ultra Violet light and turns out to be yellow in due course. While your acrylic product begins to get crashed due to UV rays (which comes from lights of tank or sun), it becomes much brittle. Thus, in this case, you have to avoid keeping your acrylic aquarium close to the windows of your room.

Thus, considering the pros and cons of these two kinds of aquariums, you may decide on any option, according to your budget and needs.

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