How to Spray Paint Perfectly

How to Spray Paint Perfectly

It is the goal of every spray painter to achieve the best painting results. Achieving a smooth finish is very desirable to any spray painter. However, failure to follow some simple yet critical rules can result in a poor quality spray painting results. If you wish to get a smooth spray paint outcome, then follow the following tips.

1.    Choose the right tools and products. Make sure that you select the right paint for your surface. If you are uncertain in the paint or primer, ask an expert. Getting the right colors depending on your project or surface is equally important.

2.    Adequate surface preparation. Prepare the surface you wish to spray by first scraping any loose old paint. Secondly, sand the surface to remove any remaining particles and make the surface smooth. Lastly, clean the surface using a piece of cloth with paint thinner.

3.    Ensure the surface is well ventilated. The spraying surface should neither face too much direct sunlight nor exposed to the wind to prevent dirt particles from contaminating on the paint. All the adjacent surfaces which do not require spraying should be well covered to prevent the spray from spreading. Adequate ventilation ensures your safety during spray painting process.

4.    Apply a primer coat. A coat of primer enhances the durability of spray paint by allowing the spray to spread evenly and dry faster. It is, therefore, imperative to let the primer coat to dry before applying the top coat.

5.    Spray thin coats. Light spraying enables the spray paint to dry faster as opposed to thick spraying which can lead to the paint running over the surface and messing the whole project.

6.    Whisk the spray over the surface. Sweep the spray vertically or horizontally over the surface, as you spray to achieve an even distribution of the spray.

7.    Apply many coats. Using plenty of coats will produce a thick and durable paint; therefore, ensure you have more than three layers to your finished work to make the project sustainable.

8.    Use clear coat on the finish. Finally, finish your spray painting process by applying a thin clear coat on the top. Allow the color coat to dry properly before applying the clear coat which should also be left to dry thoroughly.

Applying the above tips will guarantee you brilliant results and will make you a pro even with no prior experience in spray painting. Get more details at Paint Smoothly where you will get advice and reviews on different paint sprayers

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