How to Choose the Perfect Worktop

The style and design   of your kitchen are determined by the type of worktop you choose to use. Therefore before purchasing any worktop you should consider some things such as the color, design and style and your budget. The size of your kitchen will determine the how your worktop will look like. You should never purchase a big worktop when you have a small kitchen space.

A lot of people love to design their kitchen using mixed materials as it will add more beauty to the structure of your kitchen.

Here are some of the kitchen worktops you need to know.


Worktops made of glass are one of the most purchased kitchen materials in the market. Lots of people are now buying this because they discover it is very strong and easy to clean.

It is easy to maintain as it doesn’t break easily because it is made of quality material and you can always clean using vinegar. It comes in different alluring colors; it has heat resistance to about 400 degree Celsius.


Kitchen worktop made of timber is very beautiful and alluring and you will want to have this in your kitchen because it will add more beauty to it. Naturally timber wood has antibacterial properties and it is very simple, lightweight and you can easily fix if any damages occur.

Some people choose worktop made from iroko tree because it can conceal dirt and stain. But if you are looking for a wood worktop that will add to the value of your kitchen, I will suggest you choose from Kitchen Worktops Ruislip store.


Are you looking for a quality worktop made of quality material to add value to your kitchen? you should consider worktops made with granite. This is made of strong materials which make it rugged, it is less expensive to some worktop and it has great resistant to heat.

It doesn’t break easily and it is very easy to maintain as you can clean the surface with vinegar and makes it glows.

It has two different surfaces, the polished and the honed surface. I will suggest you go for the polished surface as it always sparkles and makes your kitchen looks more beautiful and alluring.


Worktops made with marble will always catch your attention because of its dynamic and unique beauty. It is a strong but delicate material with a cold surface which makes it ideal and appropriate for cooking.

It comes in different color and you should select the color that best suit the design, and style of your kitchen.

Stainless steel

Worktops made of stainless steel are becoming popular in the market today and that’s just because of the value it adds to your kitchen. But this has lots of disadvantages such as its ability to rust and wear because it doesn’t have heat resistance. Though it is very easy to clean, but can rust when exposed to water and too much heat.


Worktops are also made with concrete and this will last for years because it is compact and made with good and strong materials. It comes in different design and color to beautiful and adds value to your kitchen.

The concrete worktop is a bit expensive to other worktops. You won’t have to worry about changing your worktop for some years and this will help you save your money and use for some other house chores.


For those who are willing to renovate their kitchen or those who are just planning to have their first home, the list above will help you select the best worktop that best suit your kitchen.

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