How to Achieve a Wonderful Sunless Tan

If you did not know, having a sunless tan is possible especially for those who want to avoid the UV rays through the natural sun or from a tanning bed. The preferable option in that circumstance is lotion tanning, often referred to as sunless tanning. The lotions used for this type of tanning are healthy and do not pose any harm such as skin cancer. Here are tips to help you achieve perfect results through the sunless method.

Choose a tanner that matches your skin

Each individual is unique and when it comes to sunless tanning, it is important to use a tanner that corresponds to the nature of your skin. Experts recommend that to achieve that Kirsty Eccles look, you should choose a tanning lotion with just slightly a darker shade than your skin. If you use a tanning lotion that is too dark, it may contrast with your skin and the effect will appear so unnatural.

Sunless tanners are available in either spray or lotion form. For people with dry skins, a lotion would be the best option, as it retains and provides extra moisture. However, applied incorrectly, the lotion might not be able to cover the body evenly. For this reason, some people prefer the spray method, which comes with a nozzle to distribute the tanning mist evenly.

Use enough tanner

For some people, just one bottle is enough to provide a good skin tan. However, experts advise that it is a good idea to have a backup bottle just you run out before you achieve the desired look.

Exfoliate properly

Exfoliating improves the chances of getting sufficient tanning. Without doing it prior to the application, you could be applying the lotion on a dead skin, which could affect your next exfoliating, making your tan blotchy.

However, it is also important to exfoliate properly in order to achieve the desired results. Exfoliating incorrectly simply leads to a blotchy tan. For best results, use a dry exfoliating brush and ensure that your skin is dry.  Experts recommend doing it in short strokes in all areas that you wish to spray. After exfoliating, take a shower with lukewarm water and a body cleanser. Pay attention to places where you will apply the tanner.

Buff the skin when you finish

After an even application of skin tanner, it is advisable to buff the skin using a soft cloth. Professionals recommend buffing in circular motions, which eventually leads to an even coat of tanner. It also helps prevent dark spots on the skin.

Tanning may look simple, but it requires knowledge and experience of an expert. You also need to follow particular rules in order to have a perfect tan.

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