4 factors that will help you buy the best electric blanket

Electric blankets use insulated wires inserted into a fabric and heats when plugged in a power socket. It has a temperature control unit managing the current that enters into the heating element in the blanket. They have a shut-off mechanism that prevents the blanket from catching fire from overheating. While deciding to purchase an electric blanket, there are some major factors that will guide to buy the best electric blanket. These factors are:

Electric bedding safety

The electric blanket has some beliefs attached to it. Some fear that it may catch fire. These are just beliefs, and in the cases that it ever happened, it was caused by improper use. In today electric blanket, there are some measures added. There is a shut off mechanism which prevents it from overheating. Also, there is some trademark to help identify a certified blanket. When buying the blanket look out for “UL” and ‘ETL” marks on the packaging, if there is no such mark you better avoid that product for safety reasons.

Electric bedding durabilty and quality

Choose an electric blanket that meets your need. Do not be guided by the packaging details available on the blanket. It is written to market that type of product. Choose a product whose fabric is sturdy and will last long giving a longer service. Also, some blankets design are such that you feel all the wires, making it very uncomfortable to sleep on. Choose the one that is almost impossible to notice the existence of the wiring cables.

Which is better? Electric blanket or mattress pad

A consumer should consider having either a mattress pad or an electric blanket. A mattress pad is user-friendly. A mattress pad helps in heat retention where heat cannot pass through your body past the sheets. The heat generated from it is contained around your body. The pad is safe from overheating. It is because it is always on the mattress flatly laid when a blanket can be rounded up causing wire shocks resulting to fire. For users who know that there might be cases of bed wetting, it is advisable to purchase a mattress pad for it is waterproof.

The feature and ease of use

When you want to buy an electric blanket or mattress pad, you should consider;

  • Buying one that meets your needs and preferences.
  • The size should be same as the bed at home.
  • You should put the user of the product into consideration.
  • You should buy a blanket that you will be comfortable with while using.


When you wish to purchase a product, let your heart guide you not manufacturers preference. In following your preferences, you get products that forever will satisfy your needs with no regrets or you should browse around and find more information.

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